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About Traci Rosenberg

At the young age of just six years old, Traci began inquiring about the meaning of life. Fascinated by human behavior and personality, she was drawn to the field of Psychology, which became the basis of her undergraduate degree. She later went on to earn an M.A. in Counseling and a School Psychology Certification.

At 16, Traci began her studies of meditation and enlightenment, which drew her to the martial arts. She has practiced karate since 1985 and founded the Kodo School of Karate, which she led for more than two decades. Through the martial arts, Traci learned how to harness the power of “life force” energy and how to apply it in the energy healing arts. 

Traci worked as a School Psychologist and Counselor for 13 years while simultaneously studying and practicing energy healing. As the different aspects of Traci’s path converged, she became aware of the deeper meaning of her own life and the lives of others. After studying with one of the world’s leading Numerologists, Traci discovered that the ancient art of Numerology was truly the “language of the soul” as it reveals an individual’s life purpose.

Traci now works as an Empowerment Coach combining her skills as a Counselor, Numerologist and Energy Healer. Her work allows her to use her intuitive gifts to guide her Numerology readings and Empowerment Coaching sessions. Traci helps people to understand the soul’s mission, which enables them to step into their power and choose the path in which they can fully express their natural gifts. Traci provides three, six and nine month programs for her empowerment coaching sessions and is also available for in-person or telephone readings, family readings, private parties and speaking events.

Traci is direct, positive and thoughtful. Most of all, she has given me insight into myself that no one else has, and goodness knows I tried many other avenues. I am so grateful to have found Traci and would recommend her to anyone.   



Traci is blessed with many special gifts. Among them is her knowledge and passion for numerology. This comes through to anyone who has a session with her. Traci was extremely thorough and covered all aspects of my life... plus it was a lot of fun!  

Traci opened up doors and windows in my life that I wouldn't have been able to access if she wasn't in my life.


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