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About Traci Rosenberg

Traci Rosenberg’s journey began at the age of six when she began inquiring about the meaning of life. Fascinated by human behavior and personality, she was drawn to the field of Psychology, which became the basis of her undergraduate degree. She later went on to earn an M.A. in Counseling and a School Psychology Certification.

Traci's journey into coaching and numerology began after a personal awakening in her early 20s when she realized that her true calling was to help others unlock their full potential. She studied with one of the world’s leading Numerologists and learned how numbers are the “language of the soul.” Later, she became a certified archetypal consultant and gained the ability to help people understand the universal patterns that guide one’s life path.

Traci is a highly sought-after numerologist, archetypal consultant, and empowerment coach. Combining her intuitive gifts with her extensive knowledge of numerology and archetypes, Traci developed a unique coaching approach to remove inner blocks and help people step into their power. She is known for her transformative work in helping individuals align with their true purpose to live their best lives. Countless individuals have discovered their unique strengths, overcame limiting beliefs, and achieved their goals. Her coaching style is compassionate, intuitive, and results-oriented, allowing clients to gain clarity, direction, and confidence.

Whether you're seeking clarity on your life purpose, looking to overcome personal challenges, or wanting to achieve your goals, Traci Rosenberg's coaching and numerology services offer a powerful pathway to transformation and empowerment. Traci provides three, six, and nine-month programs for her empowerment coaching sessions and archetypal work. She is also available for numerology readings.

Traci is direct, positive and thoughtful. Most of all, she has given me insight into myself that no one else has, and goodness knows I tried many other avenues. I am so grateful to have found Traci and would recommend her to anyone.   



Traci is blessed with many special gifts. Among them is her knowledge and passion for numerology. This comes through to anyone who has a session with her. Traci was extremely thorough and covered all aspects of my life... plus it was a lot of fun!  

Traci opened up doors and windows in my life that I wouldn't have been able to access if she wasn't in my life.


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