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Based upon the work of Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, numerology is the study of numbers and their meanings. Knowing your numerological chart is like having your own personal GPS system to help you navigate the challenges you face throughout your life.

Through the use of numbers (calculated using your name and birthdate) you will discover your soul's plan for you in this lifetime. Your life lesson will be revealed, along with your strengths and challenges. Discover your heart's deepest desire and the opportunities that await you. 

A Life Orientation reading will provide you with approximately 20 numbers that will describe the patterns that have been playing out in your life. Discover how to work with these patterns so that you can get the most out of your life. 

When you are ready to step into your full power, a Numerology Reading is an ideal way to help you fully understand the deepest aspects of yourself. Besides the personal Life Orientation chart, Numerology can be used for Personal Year readings, Name Changes, Business Names, and Baby Names.


I was totally blown away by the accurate information Traci gave me during my numerology reading. It was as if she could see into my soul and read my mind. Even my husband of 32 years could not describe my inner thoughts and feelings the way Traci did by calculating my numbers and using her intuitive abilities. Traci not only confirmed that I was on the right path, but also gave me insight into how I could speed up the process to get there. I felt energized and empowered when I left our session. I highly recommend that anyone struggling to find their purpose make an appointment with Traci.


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