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There is no need to feel confused or stuck in your life any longer.  Find out what you need to know so that you can move forward. Using a combination of numbers, crystals and oracle cards, you will receive clear answers to your deepest questions. Each array will bring clarity to your issues, reveal what you need to do to create change, and set up the vibrational alignment to manifest those changes into physical form. 

Traci uses a technique called Kinesiology (muscle testing) to discover which numbers, card decks and crystals are holding the answers to your questions.  Once the array is complete, it is analyzed and discussed. The process concludes with a short meditation designed to align all the dimensional bodies with the soul and to begin the process of manifesting the desired outcome.

Communication Arrays

Traci was so accurate in delivering insights through her healing work with numerology, cards, crystals, and kinesiology. After many months, her guidance still helps me today. She is absolutely superb!  


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