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Each person has an energy field outside the physical body known as subtle body energy. We categorize this field into subsets known as the spiritual, mental, emotional and etheric subtle bodies. When these fields of energy are blocked or out of alignment, the physical body does not receive the proper amount of life force energy to sustain a healthy environment resulting in disease or dis-ease (anxiety, panic, depression etc.). 

Energy Healing opens up the blockages and aligns the subtle bodies so that the physical body has the energy it needs to heal itself. Traci uses Quantum Touch, One-Brain Integration, and Meditation techniques for this work.

Energy Healing

This transcended every energy healing experience I've ever tried before. Maybe it's how Traci combines several different methodologies - or maybe it's just Traci. In any case, it was amazing. I felt as though I released layers of blocked energy that I had been carrying around with me for lifetimes.


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