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Have you ever wondered what drives your desires? Why do you feel and behave the way you do? Have you ever asked, “Why do I act this way and will I ever be able to change?” If you’ve asked these questions, you’re not alone. Knowing what makes you “you” brings meaning and purpose to your life so you can truly embrace the life you are living. But how do you discover the reasons behind your motivations and behaviors? The answer lies in the power of archetypes.


Archetypes are easily recognizable universal patterns. A statement such as, “She’s acting like a Queen” quickly conjures the image of someone acting entitled and attempting to control others and the world around her. Someone faced with a life-threatening health crisis may engage the energy of the Warrior and commit to “beating this illness.” Archetypal patterns guide the way we live our lives.


Although the human experience is deeply personal, we all have patterns of behavior that are shared by others. Every Artist is driven to create but each person’s creations will be unique. We can all recognize a Bully when we see one, as Bullies use control, manipulation, or abuse to maintain power over others. But each bully expresses harmful actions in their own unique way. The underlying patterns are universal but the expression of those patterns is individual. Seeing your life both personally and symbolically through the archetypes reveals your nature.


When you understand archetypal patterns you can see them in others and this knowledge informs the way you communicate. If a person is speaking to you from their Victim archetype you will need to respond with empathy and compassion. You will also know not to take what they say personally because they are engaged in a pattern of thought and emotion that has nothing to do with you. All of your relationships and interactions will be enhanced by this knowledge. 


There are numerous archetypal patterns but there are 12 that are specific to you. These 12 archetypes are present in your everyday experiences and are the blueprint for your life. 


Join me on a journey to discover your personal combination of archetypes and how to use this knowledge to live a life of meaning and purpose.


The archetypes opened my eyes to a new level of awareness of who I am. They helped me accept my gifts and guided me to a healthier, more productive space. Traci's work with the archetypes has been the most powerful healing process I have ever experienced...and I have tried many!


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